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  • 10.01.2017 klokken08:02 i kategorien Seline

Her har min beste venn tatt seg frihet til å skrive ett lite blogginnlegg. Hun er fantastisk! Er så takknemlig for hun! Alt er skrivet på engelsk, for hun er fra Estland! Men håper dere liker det hun skrev like mye som meg! Jeg elsker deg, Signe!

She is my best friend. So I know her strengths and weaknesses, her talents and weirdest sides. Oh yes...when we hang out, we are the craziest people you have met. We often joke about having secret cameras around us and what would happen if the whole material gets published.
Okay, back to the subject.

I met Seline almost 3 years ago in Estonia, my home country. And we lived in Sweden around 2 years. Since then, she just stayed in my life. She is the friend I've always wanted. She is so cheerful, her happiness is contagious, you just want to hang with this girl. And she is crazy beautiful, with a beautiful, bright smile. She has a great heart for others. She is a good listener and so understanding. When I met her, she was 18, but she is wiser than many people in her age. She has seen life at it's best and worst. She knows always the right words to say, she reminds me my strengths and potential. Thanks for her, I have changed. I have learned and I'm still learning to be real, to stay real. Our friendship has taught me to live purpose-driven life. She knows my worst sides as well and I always wonder how she puts up with me. I often question how do I deserve such friend. She is just so amazing. I look up to her, because she is so strong. Since the day we became best friends, no day is an ordinary day with her. We have so awesome memories. Music is our passion and we have written some songs together. She has a great voice and she's a great songwriter. I believe her music is going to touch the hearts of many. So I ask you to encourage her to keep it up and publish the songs. (Shoot the comments!) 

I didn't believe in true, everlasting friendship until I met Seline. I know we are going to be friends for life. Seline once told that when I start to become distant in our friendship, she will fight me back. It's good to know and I'm going to do the same. It feels like a heartbreak when I have to go back home, living in different countries is not easy. But we are going to make it work. And we don't know what the future holds. I love Norway so much, so maybe after I've graduated my school I can move here! That's the perfect plan. There is so much more to say, but perhaps next time I can share more about our awesome memories  and stories with Seline. I'm so bad at having a blog, but Seline kindly gave me a chance to use her blog more. 

Norway, treat her well! Have a great day!

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Victoria Larsen

10.01.2017 kl.11:13

Jeg håper du får en din dag :-)


10.01.2017 kl.13:56

Så utrolig koselig ☆

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